The personas method uses fictional characters to construct archetypes which are represent actual user types. Based on personas, you could assume users’ needs, habits and desires. To make personas, you should analyze the research data, and find out common grounds.

These common grounds underlie the personas. They help to set a project direction and goals, and they could develop user scenarios and experience maps. For example, persona’s behaviors and goals give a key insight into interface and function in product design. They also help communication among team members, because every member could easily understand user and their design concepts.

Personas are used in various fields; not only for planning a service, developing a product, interaction design but also marketing and communication. Personas’ information and storyboards can be used as business promotion and to communicate to clients and stakeholders.


Advantages: clearly conveys goals to clients; simplifying a large amount of information; developing direction of the project.

Disadvantages: fallacy of generalization, overlooking minority opinions, difficult to make.


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Example Persona Juyeon Lee. Design-Led Research: The Mountain Biker Persona

Example Persona Example Buyer Persona